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We are Edmonton’s top choice when faced with the unfortunate situation of bed bug infestation.  

We have extensive knowledge about bed bugs and have been providing Bed Bug Extermination to Edmonton for over a decade.  

And we are as committed as ever to provide you the best process on the removal of Bed Bugs.  We guarantee it!    

Edmonton's Commercial Bed Bug Exterminators

Bed Bugs don’t just Go Away!   
Dealing with bed bugs should not be taken lightly! Businesses and multi-unit dwellings are vulnerable to infestations, which can become serious very quickly. It is essential to contact a professional as soon as there is a sighting, so that the problem can be fixed promptly. We have assisted many customers, including those who own hotels, hostels, Air B&B's, and those who manage apartment complexes and condos. Our service is discreet, professional, swift, and effective. Do not wait if bed bugs are spotted – get in touch with us right away to contain the situation before it grows.  
commercial Bed Bug Extermination
Having the reputation of a bed bug infestation can be devastating for any business or organization. We will do our best to handle the problem swiftly, quietly, and in an efficient manner.

Bed Bugs Can Damage Reputation

We are experts on bed bugs. We understand their behavior, lifespan, how they spread, and how to get rid of them. However, one thing we don't personally experience is the harm that bed bug reports can cause to businesses. This is something we have noticed through our work with our commercial clients.
Businesses that are well-respected strive to create a dependable perception in the eyes of the public. To do this, they create numerous regulations, rules, and trainings for their employees to uphold their reputation through all forms of communication. Additionally, in their daily interactions with the public, they are careful to uphold this image. However, if there is a report of a bed bug problem, it can be extremely damaging to their hard work, and it is probably one of the most feared pieces of news that can be spread in the community.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for news of a bed bug infestation to spread. This can lead to a decline in business or bookings due to public opinion. Therefore, it is essential to bring in a Professional Pest Management company at the first sign of bed bugs. It is important to find a team that is skilled in detecting and treating bed bugs, as well as monitoring the situation to make sure the problem does not persist. We are that team. Our Bed Bug Specialists have assisted many businesses in quickly and quietly eliminating their infestations. We are very discreet in our approach and communication. We cannot guarantee that the public won't find out about the infestation, but we can assure that no information will come from our staff. We also guarantee the effectiveness of our treatments.
​ Trying to handle a bed bug infestation on your own could put your reputation in jeopardy. Get in touch with Professional Pest Management - we are Edmonton's Bed Bug Specialists and we will get you out of this unpleasant predicament as soon as possible. We will help you get back to your usual routine in no time. We are immensely proud of this fact!  
Serving Edmonton and Area